Yes, we are back to random technical writing after several years in absent. This blogs contains our science and technology exploration experiences, mostly our personal opinions on “quasi-random” things we liked to put our two-cents (going to nothing as Indonesian Rupiah is weaker), nothing related to our current employer business or other non-compliance topics.

For sure we are very biased individuals, all of our interests are influenced by our previous experiences, things we currently do and future we want to create and contribute. To keep it from “fully-random to quasi-random”, we created a theme for this blogs as “A Journey to Machine Intelligence” and we promised (without any legal binding) to keep all stuffs posted here relevant to machine intelligence but apologize if we still put some theoretical physics stuffs, as we believe all are connected.

We don’t have any specific time plan on writing and we will not commit to it as part of our job for living. we have less time to respond or comment to feedback you may have, but we will spend time to read without any personal obligations to waste our time replying your intellectual opinions in near real-time basis. We will reply with ad-hoc reasons depend to our mood – so please manage your expectation well. We’re not experts, just an average geek, students of the universe, who have more than casual interest in physics, computing and creating future intelligence machine that can think like human being. Before you also waste your time to read our blog posts – like we did to write, please make sure you have proper personal reason to read. It may leads to nothing in return, other than intellectual curiosity on too specific things. Apologize for that.

What is machine intelligence anyway? IT industry is famous on creating jargons that may confuse (or perhaps better) people. You may hear “big data, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence, or recently deep learning”. We think that will help normal people in “jargonizing” their common confusions with attractive (easy to remember) key words. We will use the same approach anyway as it may help readers to get the same confusion we have. The philosophy was – “no one really understand human intelligence for now as we are in a disruptive journey to understand it – we just don’t know”. In facts, we are also still don’t understands many concepts in Physics like you do. No worry – we accept that. So any jargon are welcome as long as we are in same context. We will let you define machine intelligence in your own ways.

To study, and when the occasion arises to put what we have learned into real practices – and then share with others who share same interest, is that not deeply satisfying? Not really in this world. It again depends on individual definition of satisfaction, especially in a world where people become very social. We are quite conservative to our own thought, as we knew our brain is not good on statistics or probabilities – or maybe worst in Physics. We will let you take your own benefits and satisfaction from our writing without any obligations from your side to say thanks or the other way around. There is no push for you to share our writing to others, but if think that may useful, feel free to do it. We don’t put any technology to monitor and monetize traffic in this site and don’t expect anything in return.

From Jakarta, Indonesia, Out of No Where….

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